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28 Sep

Writing frenzy

Been writing and sculpting Faerie. It's fun but tedious. It always is in the final stages. And it is very much like sculpting. I told my friend Kat once: "you've finished a screenplay. Now write 4 re-writes. Even if it doesn't need it. Change something each time. If you end up going back to the original at leas you'll know it's the best option." Writing is re-writing. I've never thought my work came from Mt Sinai. We can argue inspiration and talent being a divine gift, but the nuts and bolts is emotionally detach and write a better story. Again. Again. Again. It's kind of like dance. It has to take over your body and every arm:...
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12 Sep

2nd time’s the charm

Had the second table read of Faerie Love Lost last night. It went really really really well! The dialogue flowed. The scenes motivated and moved. People laughed and were shocked. I was happy. I think I have to cut it down a bit. (It ran 2 hours.) And there are definitely some moments I want to finesse but, the questions was: is this reading for the stage? Answer: Hell Yes!...
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25 Aug

the pen is so mighty it feels like a sword

Just to keep you in the loop-y-ness! I got to re-write Dr. Tina. We finally cast Sting and Eric. But after seeing the rough, I was like, "ummm can we change all of that?" I know, I know, let it go dude. But I got the chance to make it better-er so I re-wrote and now it is. Better-er that is. And TODAY is officially the day I get to re-read Faerie. I made myself not look at it for 2 weeks. WHICH IS LIKE FOREVER! So later today alone I will flip open Mr. Laptop and hopefully smile wide. I'll let you know! Oh AND I wrote a short. I know, I know I'm always writing short...
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