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29 May


In April I went to Roatan. That's my excuse for not entering a post. LOL Actually, April was tough. Lots of emotion. Mike and I ran away from LA and to an island.  I learned that I cannot snorkel, BUT I got better at it. One day I may even be a snorkeler.  (Don't hold your breath) (that was snorkel hour) A thing I realized, that I write here to remember, is maintenance. like running costs in theatre...
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26 Mar

Couldn’t find Daffodils

      I haven't been writing art per se but still got the old brain around some new ideas. I think Folly's is out of reach because this section is just so friggin sad! Like, I don't want anything sad right now. Not sure I got that yet. Long ass year, my friend. Tired. Need a comedy..maybe a lark?Been using my dream-poem again. Looong time since I had to rely on it. So weird.  I came up with it when I was younger to help with night mares and terrors. My anxiety went thru the roof this winter and I started having them again. Which was SO weird! and so I had to do the mediation. Thank The Lady I have it...
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31 Aug

I’m like a lawyer and stuff

WHAT A FRIGGIN MONTH!!!!! Wow the work is real. I am exhausted. It's been like doing 3 features and a podcast. I swear I surely have my law degree after the amount of googling learning rewriting absorbing memorizing calling asking begging thinking the stress is a lot. BUT we fcking did it and I am now co-owner of AKBAR!!!!! Holy shit just writing that sent shivers. LOL I haven't written an artistic word in months and had it not been for my play, which won an award, I'd have forgotten I am an artist and not a M&A-Man! (that's mergers and acquisitions for my artsy friends) My Birthday party was off all the hooks. Complete fun! I made Rebecca cry...
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