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The Sassy Scarf Story

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Little Jo-Joey loves playing with his Sassy Scarf but family and friends have a problem with it!

There is only one major problem with owning a sassy scarf. Other people. Other people did not get this obsession with this sassy scarf and thought Jo-Joey should get a new toy. One with less…well more normal. His family, in vain, tried to give him new toys. Of which Jo-Joey wanted none. And when they pushed and demanded and even yelled. Jo-Joey stopped smiling and got confused:

Why? Why is my sassy scarf not good enough?
Why is playing with a football better than cheering them on?
Why are erector sets better than being the Statue of Liberty?
Why is playing a firefighter so great when he could be the building and his scarf the terrifying flame!
Why is running around a field better than being the wind?
And video games are so limiting…….

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