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The Fabulous Adirondacks

David LeBarron / Scripts  / Theatre / The Fabulous Adirondacks

Taking care of your dying mother is a drag!

Lonn, a former NYC drag queen, has three escapes from the daily dirge of caring for his dying mother: lip-synching in old sequins, flirting with the sexy UPS guy and confrontational calls from his drag-mama. When fantasy and reality collide in the Adirondacks, Lonn has to man-up, in stilettos.

Lip-synching for his life, Lonn finds escape from the daily routine of caring for his dying mother. His only two friends are a widower UPS guy and a former drag star from his past. Stuck in a small cabin in the Adirondack mountains, he must find a reason to go on.

Fantasy fights reality in this heartfelt comedy. Lonn spends his days taking care of his dying mother and nights pretending to seduce the UPS man and lip-synching for his life. When reality wins, will he live happily ever after?

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