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My love of storytelling started in 3rd grade, when I read and reenacted the story of Athena’s birth. Taken by the “Muses” to tell stories, I wrote and directed many plays in my backyard, making props and sets out of my Mom’s linen closet and living room furniture. Luckily, I was never told to stop. So, I never did. At Wagner College, I started the theatre lab program. Afterwards, I sat on the board to the Independent Theatre Company in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Now in L.A., I continue to weave tales through theatre, film, and storytelling. My Mom’s sheets are safe, but nothing else is.

I am much like my work: very serious about being silly. I think it’s up to us to choose our happiness and decide our destinies. Staying silly and irreverent keeps me open and in my heart. As an artist, that’s the most important place to “be.” You don’t get people thinking by yelling at them. (I can’t.) And, you wont reach them with ideas if they can’t feel them. I struggle to keep my heart in each work. Love, joy, and hurt are universal. So whether I’m playing a character in a farce, writing a romantic comedy, producing a PSA, or telling an ancient myth, I go to the personae: the real spirit behind any and all labels. I find their heart. create longings and celebrations, and sometimes, something really cool happens!

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