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David LeBarron

“…a bit of a Renaissance man.” In Magazine

I love to write plays, poems, films, speeches, webisodes and all sorts of stories. I can be found in cafés, in the corner of my kitchen, in the desert and sometimes, oddly, at my office. I type, pen, sketch, doodle ideas, jot in Google Keeps, dream, and take long walks where I can be found talking to myself. I can’t help it. It’s what I am.

As you peruse my site, you’ll probably notice my wanderings take me all over the genre map. Fantasy to drama, kids to adult. I hear them all. I tend to love laughter and magical thinking and well, casting of spells. A story is a spell. My laptop is a caldron! (cackles)

Thanks for checking out my site. A story unshared is like half a meal eaten with half a tongue.

We dream together,


David’s love of storytelling started in 3rd grade when he read and reenacted the story of the birth of Athena. Taken by the “Muses” he wrote and directed many plays in his backyard, making props and sets out of his Mom’s linen closet and living room furniture. Luckily, he was never told to stop. So he never did.

Storyteller Credits Include:

Proud Kids, Pagan Tales, The Chronicles of Steve the Bossy Bottom, LA and NYC, National Storyteller Network Festival, LA storytelling festival, as well as countless performances throughout Los Angeles.

He also wrote a children’s book When Carrots Ruled the World.

Film Credits: Call Me Joe, Homewrecker Houseboy, Sledge, Storyteller and others.

Playwright Credits: Nerd Anarchy, First Elders, Sex Life of Achilles, Little Black Veil and many others.

As an actor… David has been seen in numerous stages in LA and in NYC and in quite a few viral internet videos.

David proudly writes and produces a yearly Harambee for Kageno which helps impoverished communities in Africa. He sings with his Pagan Rock band Half Tongue Tribe. His Mom’s sheets are safe but nothing else is!

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