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14 Feb

…a single word…

A single word. I finally wrote a single word. not for profit. not for legal reasons. For my accountant. Schedules. Outlines. But for art…consumable art. Something I wanted to write for someone to read for fun.  WOW It’s been MOOOONTHS This is not to beat myself up FYI. After Monsters, I had a little self-meeting and was like “OK LeBarron, all your attention needs to be here at work for the next 6 months to a year. Becasue it was hella hard and hella important not to screw up. It’s not like I had done this before. SO I did it. Proud to say that. I focused and made it happen. (Wow my fingers are out of practice I keep having to retype everything) It was good. HENCE  not really doing this website for months. It was a choice. I didn’t want to regret NOT doing art and then what was I supposed to say on my art journal website??? But yesterday, like 24 hours ago, I had the ENTIRE AFTERNOON OFF, and this after a week of sort of chillin’ (I say this because obviously I have had the afternoon off here and there but with so much stress and brian exhaustion you can’t very well stop and do more friggin work no… I need a few week’s reprieve and chill time so when I had the time I could even contemplate writing more. If that doesn’t make sense I cannot explain it to you.. Sorry)  I didn’t mean to write. I didn’t! I was like..just go through some stuff.. and then voila I actually fixed one line and then wrote another word and I was like OH YEAH! That’s a word for art and I became immediately fulfilled. Then last night floods of stories came. One was a highschool alla mean girls sort of piece with french students being aliens who think everyone is about to die… HA! and then Fucking Folly came to me, again!!! Wow! I am really feeling inspired for him now. ALSO THE ABOVE THINGY IS FROM DRINK FEK FIGHT. LIKE I DON’T KNOW IF WE’RE EVER GONNA DO IT BUT IT SURE IS FUN TO WRITE!!!

This is a great way to finish off Imbolc! New inspirations, ideas and celebrations. Let’s see where it leads! Onwards to the page!!!!!!!

PS I don’t even mind that the words aren’t particularly awesome. It’s perhaps even better!



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