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31 Aug

I’m like a lawyer and stuff

WHAT A FRIGGIN MONTH!!!!! Wow the work is real. I am exhausted. It's been like doing 3 features and a podcast. I swear I surely have my law degree after the amount of googling learning rewriting absorbing memorizing calling asking begging thinking the stress is a lot. BUT we fcking did it and I am now co-owner of AKBAR!!!!! Holy shit just writing that sent shivers. LOL I haven't written an artistic word in months and had it not been for my play, which won an award, I'd have forgotten I am an artist and not a M&A-Man! (that's mergers and acquisitions for my artsy friends) My Birthday party was off all the hooks. Complete fun! I made Rebecca cry...
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24 Feb

Life’s a Drag

HA! I just can't seem to stop playing dress-up! Wrote it, shot it, edited it! Little Miss Fetus is done! And voilå it's good! Proud of this one! Didn't realize how much I missed shooting vids! Not that I am slowing down on Thespis! I signed my contract for Fringe 2023! Monsters is going to be epic. It'll start taking all my focus in April?? But I simply HAD to do this video short. It was yelling begging, in a southern accent, to be heard!  Body autonomy is camp! How can I still, in 2023, still meet gay boys who don't understand abortion is a gay boy issue? ( I mean as well as everything else). Otherwise, I am still...
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15 Feb

Sunrise Sunset Time heals

New site! WOW. Hopefully, it will be easy to use LOL. SO much happened this past change of light. Good things are happening. Apparently, thousands of people have read Jeremiah! or at least checked it out in KDP Library. That's so awesome. I mean I only made a few $$ but, as always, I just like that someone's reading it. I should have higher standards LOL  I finished FOlly's War! It's being copy-edited by Robbie right now. JP isn't well so I don't know how or where I'm going to get the cover art done but we shall see!!! Photoshoots soon! I love this part! I can't quite decide if I am starting Folly's Whim or Jeremiah: Keep on Sluttin'...
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