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2 Aug

This is July’s POST DAMMIT!

I thought after Fringe and Pride month July would be all mellow and chill. HA!!! Nope. So, although it is technically August, I started this post on the 31st and it crashed! Not fair!!! Lol Ok Start with all the good: Fringe was awesome. I won an award. Got an extension. I love this show. And, although I really need a break, I cannot wait to do it again! SF Fringe? NYC Fringe? Orlando??  New book is out! It took far too long to get the cover art but I think it’s worth it. I decided not to push it until I am almost done with Book 2! I think that’s smart? Maybe? We’ll see. It might get e off my ass to finish the second book!!! Just not enough time in the days? I’ll figure it out (Always do), ya know! The bar is a thing and I love it! I just gotta get some balance and not like BALANCE just daily balance? Have some ideas. We shall see. Maybe I can teach myself to write at night like I used to?? I just got so: I wake I write! Now: I wake I count $$ or I wake I gym, therefore I am! 

26 Apr

Fringing Again and its GOOD!

WOW! Hollywood Fringe Festival 2023 here we come!It's been YEEEEEEARS since I was in the rehearsal process. What am I doing again? Which way is downstage?? Ha! Kidding. Shanna and I are having a blast! Blast is actually the perfect word! Blast of creativity and ideas and challenges!  We're pretty done with all the technical stuff, which has not been easy but been full of learning and relearning. Like how do I edit again? Now we're down to the book. Down to the dirty. Down to the get down. We open June 6th! Goddess bless this mess of a mind She gave me!! BUY TICKETS HERE!In other news, Little Miss Fetus, also directed by Ms. Beauchamp if you're nasty, is...
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24 Feb

Life’s a Drag

HA! I just can't seem to stop playing dress-up! Wrote it, shot it, edited it! Little Miss Fetus is done! And voilå it's good! Proud of this one! Didn't realize how much I missed shooting vids! Not that I am slowing down on Thespis! I signed my contract for Fringe 2023! Monsters is going to be epic. It'll start taking all my focus in April?? But I simply HAD to do this video short. It was yelling begging, in a southern accent, to be heard!  Body autonomy is camp! How can I still, in 2023, still meet gay boys who don't understand abortion is a gay boy issue? ( I mean as well as everything else). Otherwise, I am still...
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6 Apr

New Normal or fuck it I’m a JEDI

At risk of jinxing my awesome life (I know it's been a while since I said or felt that) things are falling into place nicely. (Sorry I missed Marck. My bad. I really thought I did one. Huh?) Anyway, work is back to having a schedule I love/hate how much I need a schedule. BUT to be honest when I'm busy I am happy. When I am crazy-busy I am scattered. It's been a scattered year. I think I am out of the covid-mourning and deepies. Thank the Lady! And Akbar has become normal, sort of. I have multiple days off!!! RIGHT? I can actually write again! To that end, I am reworking Monsters, my new solo show. It's way...
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25 Mar

brand new day

WOW. A lot is happening. I might almost be sane. LOL. NEVER!!!! I finished Jeremiah. I know. I wrote a second novel while taking a break before editing the other one.  Folly's War is pretty awesome but it's also kinda dark and my heart just hasn't been brave enough, recently. So I wrote a funny thing. HA!!!! Jeremiah: Magical Slut of Midgard is hysterical It made me laugh almost every day for the past month. And I really needed that. I'm gonna publish it for kicks. And maybe someone else wants to laugh??? I'll post photos from the shoot with Joshua, soon. Daaaaang he's handsome. I remained a professional!...
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