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Any Given Day

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Any Given Day is an idea I came up with which would empower young people by opening them up to multicultural and universal concepts. Two different groups of students write on the same writing prompts. They share an average day in their lives.

This book is a cultural exchange between the young people of Echo Park, a neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, USA, and young people in Banda Village, Rwanda, Africa. The book hopes to share and explore an average day through students’ eyes. Our focus is writing with prompts and exploration, however, there will opportunity for poetry, drawing, photography, song, and book layout and design.


The wonderful organizations I got to work with in this first book:

826la Kageno

….wouldn’t it be neat if….

I was volunteering at 826LA, helping students with homework and writing skills. I was also working with Kageno and their orphan and child health programs. While talking about these different programs I thought wouldn’t it be cool if the students in Echo Park could learn about Rwanda and maybe write them some letters. Then the idea took wing and next thing I’m running the workshop in LA and Skyping volunteers in Africa on the basics of writing with kids.

The final book is almost available for purchase. This has been so successful I hope to turn it into a model other schools and organizations can use and share.






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