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26 Mar

Couldn’t find Daffodils







I haven’t been writing art per se but still got the old brain around some new ideas. I think Folly’s is out of reach because this section is just so friggin sad! Like, I don’t want anything sad right now. Not sure I got that yet. Long ass year, my friend. Tired. Need a comedy..maybe a lark?

Been using my dream-poem again. Looong time since I had to rely on it. So weird.  I came up with it when I was younger to help with night mares and terrors. My anxiety went thru the roof this winter and I started having them again. Which was SO weird! and so I had to do the mediation. Thank The Lady I have it as a tool right? Gratitude. SO here I am middle-aged having terrors because I forgot to practice peace, to practice self-kindness, practice breathing. I don’t usually write such personal things here, but I sincerely believe that one of the things I forgot to practice was writing. It’s more than art it’s a way of life. I struggled so hard with Andrew’s wedding (which ended up awesome) because I was struggling to hear it. Self Care is the Only Care. A motto I live by but forgot. Feeling stronger now. On top of things. It’s nice to be able to ride the ebb and flow without fear of falling off the raft. So here I am quietly paddling to somewhere I hope to be wonderful.

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