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19 Jun

Longest Day bring the light before you say goodbye

SO, I met this Tree Dude in Descanso Gardens. He was minding his own business, and I had to say hi. He seemed happy to be noticed. To notice. To pay attention. To be mindful. These are things I am repeating this summer. A habit that was hard to hold in the chaos of change. Excellent change, but nonetheless…. Been reaching out. Been doing reading meditations. Tad of tarot. Roll a Rune. NAP. LOL!!!!  It’s time to carve out time for things. It seems to be working. I had a moment when I thought I realized Folly isn’t a trilogy, and I got pissed (sort of), and then I was like ok, cool.  Forcing it to be a trilogy is just your ego wanting to have written it…what if that doesn’t serve the story (You know how I feel about that), and so now I don’t know. Which is a tad weird as I am so much of a structuralist. Maybe I’m not.  I have a new idea of an MM romance about Philip, which I think is called Time Over Time. It’s a little sad, and maybe that’s ok. I  mean it’s me so it’ll probably end up funny. LOL HA! Also the play Devil’s Doll s (horrible title) is actually coming along  you know, after all the structure and stupid work it ends up being something else completely, I am still uncomfortable with the Christian stuff but maybe that’s the arc and challenge???


Sorry short post. Pride is a lot as Manager/Owner/Bartender. But light is blooming and waits for me at Samhain like a nice sweet light should.


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