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31 Aug

I’m like a lawyer and stuff

WHAT A FRIGGIN MONTH!!!!! Wow the work is real. I am exhausted. It’s been like doing 3 features and a podcast. I swear I surely have my law degree after the amount of googling learning rewriting absorbing memorizing calling asking begging thinking the stress is a lot. BUT we fcking did it and I am now co-owner of AKBAR!!!!! Holy shit just writing that sent shivers. LOL I haven’t written an artistic word in months and had it not been for my play, which won an award, I’d have forgotten I am an artist and not a M&A-Man! (that’s mergers and acquisitions for my artsy friends) My Birthday party was off all the hooks. Complete fun! I made Rebecca cry so that was less fun but then I bought her meat (Fogo de Chao) and feel better about my complete and total narcissism (honestly I did not know how much work I had asked of her. GOOD LESSON there! Know what you’re asking for and be prepared to make up for it. I feel like a lot has been asked of me lately. Especially by myself and ya know I too cried and thought it was too much but I ate french fries and kept the nose grinding and made it happen. I am nit quite to the relief stage but feel less weight on the old shoulders. Hopefully, soon, there will be a blog about art shit but for now… That’s all I got!

OH! And this gorgeous pic is from the San Bernardino Mountains, I went naked camping for 3 days with CMEN I know the name right? Anyway, it was a bit of a recharge a moment out a pause and it helped SO MUCH!

And this is Clint. He died on the 16th. (Yup, the day we signed UHG) He was sweet and funny and always had kind words. He fought hard against his addictions. We would not like talk-talk but a hug and a you got his type of thing. Ya know the little stuff. I will miss the fuck out of him. 



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