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David LeBarron / Dr. Tina
25 Aug

the pen is so mighty it feels like a sword

Just to keep you in the loop-y-ness! I got to re-write Dr. Tina. We finally cast Sting and Eric. But after seeing the rough, I was like, "ummm can we change all of that?" I know, I know, let it go dude. But I got the chance to make it better-er so I re-wrote and now it is. Better-er that is. And TODAY is officially the day I get to re-read Faerie. I made myself not look at it for 2 weeks. WHICH IS LIKE FOREVER! So later today alone I will flip open Mr. Laptop and hopefully smile wide. I'll let you know! Oh AND I wrote a short. I know, I know I'm always writing short...
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7 Jul

Taping VO for Dr. Tina..taping VO for Dr. TIna….

Get it? Like paging..I crack me up! :) We're currently, like right now, recording voice over for episode 1. Man Drew Droege is one funny Motherf-er! He just laid down an adlibs final mono that slayed us! I love writing for funny people. They just get it and know how to improve it. No egos just comedy. Thank you divas! BTW the picture is the Sting puppet. Doesn't it look JUST like him? LMAO ...
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30 Jun

Re-write approved for Dr. Tina

No rest for the wicked or talented I guess :) Our initial pilot/concept for Dr. Tina went well, but they wanted a slightly more linear version. I was skeptic because, well it SO needs to be non-linear. But we re-thought it and I re-wrote it and now it's seems to have a nice balance of linear plot with complete random and nonsense. WHAT? David writing a piece whose narrative leads to cra-cra land? NEVER! ha ha It's actually pretty funny. Can't wait to see what my amazing actors do with it next week. VO here we go!...
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