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25 Aug

the pen is so mighty it feels like a sword

Just to keep you in the loop-y-ness! I got to re-write Dr. Tina. We finally cast Sting and Eric. But after seeing the rough, I was like, “ummm can we change all of that?” I know, I know, let it go dude. But I got the chance to make it better-er so I re-wrote and now it is. Better-er that is. And TODAY is officially the day I get to re-read Faerie. I made myself not look at it for 2 weeks. WHICH IS LIKE FOREVER! So later today alone I will flip open Mr. Laptop and hopefully smile wide. I’ll let you know! Oh AND I wrote a short. I know, I know I’m always writing short but this one i might actually shoot. 🙂 I get to play a witch-detective! Ha ha Too much FUN!

David LeBarron
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