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28 Sep

Writing frenzy

Been writing and sculpting Faerie. It’s fun but tedious. It always is in the final stages. And it is very much like sculpting. I told my friend Kat once: “you’ve finished a screenplay. Now write 4 re-writes. Even if it doesn’t need it. Change something each time. If you end up going back to the original at leas you’ll know it’s the best option.” Writing is re-writing. I’ve never thought my work came from Mt Sinai. We can argue inspiration and talent being a divine gift, but the nuts and bolts is emotionally detach and write a better story. Again. Again. Again. It’s kind of like dance. It has to take over your body and every arm: perfect in time and emotion. Except here, it’s the body of work on the page. Act II scene 2 and breath 6,7,8 and turn page 3,4, and pas de deux between 2 angry lovers for 8 counts of 8. Surrender. Surrender. AND AGAIN: 5678

David LeBarron
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