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25 May

Learning lines.. is awesome!

Welcome back to the theatre David LeBarron David LeBarron!  Wow, it's good to be back! I know I've done projects since, BUT 2019 is the last time I was actually on stage doing it for full-out realsy! Small projects and storytelling gigs are great but a full show? Even a 50 minute one? Is so much more! I can't belive I open in less than 2 weeks! The other morning 5am in LAs Vegas I totally had an actor's nightmare! LOL!!! I woke up thinking I know none of my lines!! SO I lied there and went through the script, a sort of mental stumble through, and I had it! Yeah I  messed up the order and at one point...
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20 Aug

Summer is dwindling and I am amping

Wow, what a summer! (BTW I am very sure I posted in July but cannot see it or find it. I'll figure it out) work has finally become routine and both of us are really focused on making the machine happen, captain! SO perhaps I can get back to being a fucking artist! HA! As though we are never not all that we are. I have been seeing A LOT of theatre. Cool but A LOT!  Actually, I've been writing a lot too! I finished Monsters! My new solo show. Hence the images above. UHG I loved seeing Angkor Wat exhibit. SO wonderful. So many memories!!!! The serpent is an idea for the Loki monologue. (Rebecca might not come to...
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29 Jan

New year the good and the bad

Happy 2021. RIGHT? Good things are stewing but old stuff is lingering. Been a ride my friends. I wept repeatedly when Biden/Harris were sworn in and even over Jennifer Lopez. Didn't see that coming. I booked a commercial. That was very stress inducing but way cool! Cher and Dave are a Hollywood hit!  I kind of thought I might be nervous. Nope. Just did the work. I am 75,000 words into Folly's War. It's almost done. YAY!  Been crafting like a fool to do SOMETHING during all this horrible shit. I know time will heal the pain. It has to.  I also outlined Survival of the Half Tongue Tribe. I'll definitely write the first episode soon....
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14 Jul

Acting in the times of Covid

Wow what I ride. LOOK I got Covid-married!  Cher and I, who have hung during isolation, small group things with social distancing, pose for this picture for an audition.  Good things came out of it. I'm getting new head  shots because of talking to representation. That's all very exciting. Unnerving and very time consuming BUT I am down! Down for it! Down to work! Down to do this thing and talk about doing this thing!  (not that I'm an all talk no do kind of guy but spent so much time planning out re-inventing my acting career it's nice to actually move forward!!!) I finished the outline for Sex int he Time of Covid, wow it's some funny shit! I...
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