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11 Jan

Happy Monstrous New Year!

New site. New Year! Same ole busy bitch. Ha! Hopefully, this site will work pleasantly. It was a nice start of the year for the most part. A bit of a hiccup currently with work moving forward….more on that later. BUT I finally feel like an artist again and not JUST a manager! But as it is me, I am on overload!!!!! I am shooting Little miss Fetus next week. It’s very exciting. I parcelled out a decent budget because if you’re gonna do it? Do it right. I know me and I wouldn’t be happy with a half assed attempt. I might be over doing it for a 10-minute short but I haven’t really done film work in a while and basically had to relearn or remind myself of EVERYTHING. I did a small short with Dyl for Planet Queer and it was fun and I was basically happy my camera work sucked. A lot. Hence, the crewing up! First real rehearsal is today YIKES! On top of that I am moving forward with Monsters. I meet next Tuesday to hopefully find a venue. I had some giant plans but before I got nuts I think I just wanna do HHF and do it right. Ya know? Make sure it’s all I need it to be. Do a successful show and THEN take it around. Slow down LeBarron! That’s sort of my art mantra these days. Slow down and be present not 5 steps ahead. That’s a real take away from Actor’s Lab. Watching myself over and over again on video, after I had to put my ego in check, was WOW when I stop and am ver deliberate and present I am so much better. I know. that sounds very amateurish or 101 acting BUT sometimes we gotta reread the empty space ya know.  Also side note: Ow. Movement things get so much harder every year.  wonder if Monsters will be the last movement-based thing I do?  don’t feel sad at that, ok a little, it’s just time and respecting the body but moving forward without moving? What does that mean???? Currently, it means lots of showers and stretching…. ha! Nothing new…….

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