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24 Feb

Life’s a Drag

HA! I just can’t seem to stop playing dress-up! Wrote it, shot it, edited it! Little Miss Fetus is done! And voilå it’s good! Proud of this one! Didn’t realize how much I missed shooting vids! Not that I am slowing down on Thespis! I signed my contract for Fringe 2023! Monsters is going to be epic. It’ll start taking all my focus in April?? But I simply HAD to do this video short. It was yelling begging, in a southern accent, to be heard!  Body autonomy is camp! How can I still, in 2023, still meet gay boys who don’t understand abortion is a gay boy issue? ( I mean as well as everything else). Otherwise, I am still dredging thru Folly Dance. Wow this one is at the pulling teeth stage. It’s ok.  Also decided to rethink Journey t Goddess Body. I will probably do nothing with it, but who knows??? ALSO can I tell you about Close Up Quest? NO! Not yet. LoL  But I outlined a short for that which then will see if the shooting style, or style in general, is cohesive enough to do the series. We shall see. That probably won’t happen till fall??

BUT YA KNOW WHAT? I feel like an artist again! Lie life is about creating stuff. It’s been before Covid, sort of. I love doing Half Tongue and hopefully, there’s more of that coming, but writing and creating little shorts is so awesome and resonates so much in my soul. Now I have all the best things going! Film shorts. Solo Fringe show. New novel. Spiritual guides. AND learning garage band to publish some chants. I know some think I cast my net too wide but that’s why I got so much fishes! Ha!

It’s nice after 3 of the hardest years of my adult life to be here. Now. Blessed Mother Fucking Be!


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