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20 Aug

Summer is dwindling and I am amping

Wow, what a summer! (BTW I am very sure I posted in July but cannot see it or find it. I’ll figure it out) work has finally become routine and both of us are really focused on making the machine happen, captain! SO perhaps I can get back to being a fucking artist! HA! As though we are never not all that we are. I have been seeing A LOT of theatre. Cool but A LOT!  Actually, I’ve been writing a lot too! I finished Monsters! My new solo show. Hence the images above. UHG I loved seeing Angkor Wat exhibit. SO wonderful. So many memories!!!! The serpent is an idea for the Loki monologue. (Rebecca might not come to show) I am sort of, well had to be, obsessed with let’s call it Mostertude!!! What are monsters? Why are they evil? What is evil? If am protecting me and mine who are you to call me wrong? Obviously, Folly’s War is all about that! Cannot wait for JP to finish the book cover. It takes her 3months. I hope hope hope to have it out by October!?!!?!?!!?! I am not sure who should direct Monsters. I am sort of stuck there. I feel like I know who but can’t put my finer on it? or them??? It’s very movement based. (BTW OW!) ALSO on a super note: I am writing my angry abortion piece called Little Miss Fetus! It’s hysterical in a very weird awkward painful way! I think I’ll shoot it in October. Shanna might wanna play? I am writing on a new smaller keyboard and it’s super hard. My fingers are very confused.  ANYWAY wanted t make sure I gave a quick update! I’d like to say I’ll start blogging more but we all know I won’t. I can barely Instagram!! Ha! I suppose it’s better that I spend my time writing and not writing about writing???

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