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26 Oct

Life is flying by…….

I am keeping up with the important things but my social media presence and this site are like wait what oh no screw it. LOL Sorry fans! Anyway…. I just had a reading of my new play Monsters. WOW! it was awesome. I think it’s very fringe-able and a good tour! It’s a personal thing. I tad scary but safely bound in myth and truth.  The bar has been taking everyday exhaustion BUT it’s so worth it! It would be so easy just the cut corners and not care but that’s not me and not what I wanna run. After the first grueling year of turning everything around and bringing us to the current CENTURY! I was pretty tired. BUT this year, so far, has been about making MY life easier. THUS the ability to create some cool art! It’s all on track and plan, It’s nice to create art without panic of $$$ Of course I sort of always thought this would happen from book sales LOL but this journey makes sense too! My perfectionist self is har dot appease but so far we’re getting along. HARMONY. PEACE. I am still waiting for book cover BUT have started Folly’s Dance in earnest. It’s important HA HA HA HA But it is pretty cool. I used ot alwayts make fun of people who said I need to carve out time to write. of course, back then I worked fewer hours a week; now I’m like damn I need to carve out time to…. awe shit!

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