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28 May

Maybe MAY (maybe not?)

FOLLY’S WAR is sooooooo close to being done! The manuscript has been edited a million and one times. I sort of freaked when I realized I had missed that an entire chapter was in the wrong tense!!! Like HOW DID I MISS THAT!!! SO I went back to slow reread. On what is to be the last pass. Took photos for cover. Damn they look good! Here’s hoping JP works her magic! Speaking of which Cha and I went to Universal and had a blast!!!!! I have to go and be a kid more. It’s like massage, if you wait too long you’re like WHy did I wait so long to make myself happy???? I miss being on stage. Not sure what how or where but I really miss storytelling. I know I said this over Covid but it has defines me for YEARS and to still not be in rehearsal for anything. WTF!? Maybe I am waiting for the right comeback? Or maybe I am busy as hell. Manging Akbar has been awesome. Inspiring. Like I was made for it. But it’s also challenging, in a good way usually.  And now? It looks like things will be even cooler in a few months. We shall see! I am trying to fight the Wanderlust I am experiencing so I can focus on my writing. Novels take forever to edit! Monsters, the one-act, is peeking its head thru the sand. I might try and wrangle it? I really wanna do No Room for Shakespeare but Gordon isn’t ready for the theatre yet.  I get it. Masks suck.

On a personal note: I didn’t get the mortgage I wanted to I am dropping that ball. That sucks as well. I should have made a blog about that adventure. What? 5 6 years of doing everything right just to be smacked down again and again?!?!?! I have been nesting here in LA but I really thought I could manifest this? Maybe it’s for the best? A year from now, if all goes to plan, I’ll be in a different situation.  Maybe not for the best… maybe rolling with the punches and surviving…a lot and winning! Let’s say that!

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