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6 Apr

New Normal or fuck it I’m a JEDI

At risk of jinxing my awesome life (I know it’s been a while since I said or felt that) things are falling into place nicely. (Sorry I missed Marck. My bad. I really thought I did one. Huh?) Anyway, work is back to having a schedule I love/hate how much I need a schedule. BUT to be honest when I’m busy I am happy. When I am crazy-busy I am scattered. It’s been a scattered year. I think I am out of the covid-mourning and deepies. Thank the Lady! And Akbar has become normal, sort of. I have multiple days off!!! RIGHT? I can actually write again! To that end, I am reworking Monsters, my new solo show. It’s way more personal; than anything I’ve ever done. I think that’s a good thing. I think.  Folly’s War is almost back from the copy-editor and I am one model away from the cover being shot. Then it has to be made which last time took 4 months. BUT Folly’s Dance, book 2, is coming nicely. It’s sort of outlining itself. I am thrilled with new discoveries. I mean Caprice is….. ha ha no secrets! Pretty Kick-Ass. I think the trouble I’ll have once I actually start writing will be to keep up with my brain, my fingers are slower than the story falling out of the sky.  I love when stories out grow you. When they demand you keep up. When they make you their bitch! LOL I thought book 2 was simply setting up book 3, which is sort of has to, but it’s so much more! It’s all about disguises and them falling off. I wonder what that means about me? I have changed. I am not who I was August 2018 in Paris. I am simply not. I look at the photos and so much has changed. My scars are healing but fuck they are there. I guess that’s what I see in the leads in Folly. They’ve literally been through a war, the despairing aftermath and have reinvented themselves but struggle to make that work when they’re too bust not being them. Ouch that hurts.  It’s ok I am laughing while I write this. I’m on the rock now, not under it. I really need to get back on stage. I am not sure if it’s my new solo show, No Room for Shakespeare with Gordon or this silly Cabaret a the end of the world I am writing but fuck I need stage time and lighting!!!  ALSO PLEASE NOTE; I have leveled up my nerdiness. Please see the picture above. Yes, I shot a video for them. Apparently, I will never run for office. I am buying myself a BUNCH of birthday presents this year! the last 2 sucked beyond the telling.  It’s time. Me. Now. Everything. Doing it. I am out of my own way. I will now dance to Eye Of The Tiger. Stand back people.

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