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25 May

Learning lines.. is awesome!

Welcome back to the theatre David LeBarron David LeBarron!  Wow, it’s good to be back! I know I’ve done projects since, BUT 2019 is the last time I was actually on stage doing it for full-out realsy! Small projects and storytelling gigs are great but a full show? Even a 50 minute one? Is so much more! I can’t belive I open in less than 2 weeks! The other morning 5am in LAs Vegas I totally had an actor’s nightmare! LOL!!! I woke up thinking I know none of my lines!! SO I lied there and went through the script, a sort of mental stumble through, and I had it! Yeah I  messed up the order and at one point was doing an old version, but I got through it. Went back to bed with a huge ass smile on my face!

Not much more to report. This is now priority one! Will get back to the novel after June!!! And Close Up Quest is so friggin funny! I hope we do it! It might be too much in the fall with all the Akbar stuff but we shall see!?!?!? I basically finished it.. sort of.. enough ya know.  After Monsters it’ll be nice to do a comedy!!!

Sorry for the short post! I have my first actual run through today and wanna NAIL IT!

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