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27 Nov

next year is already full :)

Kag_stageWOW! Did October even happen? I got real busy real fast! Here’s a pic form me at Kageno’s Harambee. I’m saying thank you, and please give some cash, since they named me volunteer of the decade! No tiara or sash but still a very nice moment. That’s George Kotsiopoulos in stage with me. I totally butchered his name, even after practicing it like a zillion times.  Still a nice night.

I’ve changed Wicca Please  a bit. I’ve gone back to Cory’s roots 4,000 years ago and have created a world where he learns magick. I call it the Coriander series. I think it’s all age appropriate…so far. I’m hiring a model to play him at 17. The shoot is in Dec. I want to us photos or the like at chapter headings. Fun! I’ll post the lucky model.

On Dec. 8th is the very first reading of First Elders. So excited. Got some cool friends/actors to breathe some life. I think it’ll be awesome. One step closer to a full production! OH and I figured out the problem with my solo kids show! Instead of gearing it to little kids (wherein the monologues were skewing older) I’ve skewed the whole show a bit older and am now calling it Magickal Monsters. ( because magic with a c means rabbits and hats and slight of hand and also also only magickal with a k was available as a domain name 🙂

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