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18 Dec

Fun with Ancient Warriors!


So I did these shots as a camera test for my new stories for Wicca Please Coriander series. I want to have an image header with each chapter. FUN!   The stories take place 4,000 years ago when Corey was a young man learning magick. I have 3 stories outlined. We shall see how they turn out! It’s so much fun to write! I can go on and on about the amount of research these tales took. I won’t. It was fun too but kind of frustrating. I mean I set the story pre-history so who knows what really existed. Well that’s not true. Smart people probably have a good idea of what life was like…sort of. Or so they say. I read a lot and then just created my own, slightly-based on reality, world where new characters live and love. Oh and of course they do cool magick stuff. It’s been very expanding imagination-ally speaking 🙂  2 more image after!



btw this is my friend and PR/social media guru Santiago Pazzos! Gracias babe!





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