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2 Oct

Ahh makeup :)

mefirstblue2I think I was born a sort of drag queen. Not trans really but more old school drag queen. When I was kid all  ever wanted was a disguise kit. I wanted to pretend to be other people from other places. I imagined I could pretend to be an old person, all crooked and wrinkled, and get senior rates at R movies!  I could look like a solider or business mans or wonder woman!

In the 90’s I did enough drag to earn the right to never wear heels again. But I’ve always  had a penchant for painting face. That and excess amounts of glitter.  Lately I’ve been telling some “Ancient Wisdom” tales. The kind that start with “Long ago when the world was young…” and I find more and more I like to tell these wearing face painting. If I were smarter or better informed I suppose they’d be based on Ancient drawings or make practices and designs of “olde” cultures. They’re not. I just kind of close my eyes, get an idea, and draw. I suppose that’s kind of how I start every story too. Write and rehearse all you want, at some point forget all of that and walk on stage to tell the secret you find in the moment.

I don’t think I HAVE to wear anything special to tell a story but it’s fun and I’m all for weird whenever possible 🙂  Here’s to the weirdo in all of us!




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