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19 Mar

OK Time has ticked and I think I finally won!

After a few months of trying -refixing -redoing -rebegging for help, I think this ole girl is up and running! And apparently here’s an entire NEW way to post. I guess there’s yet an new trick for a dog to learn! The pic next to me is me in PV at Mardis Gras! It was amazingly peaceful and super fun (except the getting sick part after! That sucked and made me completely re think life! )

OK on to artsy stuff! I got in Orlando fringe!! HURRAAAHH! It’s expensive as hell! Boooooo!! Oh well I really wanna do this show again so History of Drag is back up people! SO excited. I rewrote the beginning and really like the stronger opening! Speaking of Fringe I already know what I’m doing Hollywood Fringe 2020! YUP Don’t die of shock but I finished No Room for Shakespeare! It was a really good read. I think I’ll have fun (fun meaning here hair pulling teeth noshing joy) working with Gordon. again. AND YES it’s under an hour!!! I even write a line about that in the play “It’s like there’s some great thespian stopwatch somewhere!”

Half Tongue Tribe was such an amazing night! Creation-ing NEEDs to be done again! Dan and I are still meeting and working out new songs! I am in love with this new project! I feel it’ so important too. Praise the Goddess!

In other news: The cheeseplate business is about to go full throttle, in June, I am a bit excited and nervous about this! I am trying to keep expectations manageable! Jars have been selling like hotcakes!

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