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3 Apr

Never underestimate getting out of town!

Panorama of weird teahouse at airbnb. (We drank vodka) photo credit Rebecca Graul (aka birthday girl)

I wasn’t gonna go! I am WAY too busy! The to-do list is LOOONG! But it was one of my best girl’s b-days and I wanted to go! So I went out to Joshua Tree and we hung, soaked and made a birthday feast! And it was amazing! Yes I came back to 100 emails i had to answer and payments for festivals and crap BUT I feel so peaceful refreshed I did all of them, and a bunch of to-do stuff in like an hour or so. My mind is clear and I feel so much more ready to attack rehearsals with the show a little less than a month away and booked Creation-ing as well. When will I ever remember, before it goes too long, how important it is for artists to break the mundane cycles and get away! I place this here to remind myself: Relax. Go away. Bliss out. Love your friends.

David LeBarron
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