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9 Jun

Fringe ahoy!


Magickal Monsters opened Sunday to a smallish but really excited house! I have spent months praying the last line would be magick and it is!  It was such a great feeling! Please come! You can buy tickets here!

First Elders starts tomorrow and guess what? It feels like a play!! I know that sounds weird but sometimes it just looks like….like… remember when you played with your food at the table and got some blucky mess with bits of everything you can kind of recognize but look kind of gross? Well that’s what plays look like as they enter tech week. I guess the food analogy is kind of backwards because as it comes together it looks like a gorgeous repast that simply must be savored. I am very fortunate. Sometimes it still looks inedible. We’ve all been there.  Buy tickets here! 

David LeBarron
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