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14 Jul

Post Fringe Blues….

COR_BLOOD_COVER….should be longer!  Ok I’ll be honest: I got reaaaallll sad for a day or two. I have given myself all of July to be tired and process the two original shows, music festival and extra work load of the first half of this year. but I’m kind of done. Got a lot of new ideas and plans and don’t think I can stop myself from writing for another two weeks. My new Coriander Scroll Coriander: Orders of Blood is live today and it’s AWESOME!!!  I am so pleased. I shot Ruben Trevino (Coriander) a few weeks ago and next week shoot the Warrior! I have the next two stories sort of outlined.  One MIGHT be a solo story for Vushi. Not sure… But it might be cool because Coriander’s next story isn’t at Magoge so Vushi isn’t in it. SO I wondered “well what’s she up to over the break??” and a short story came to mind.  Don’t you love when that happens!  ALSO I have decided to finish a novel. I am leaning towards Sun Stealers instead of Propensity.  Basically because I know one of my short comings is explaining the world I set my characters in. This is undoubtedly because I am firstly a playwright and see everything in black box ha ha ha BUT in Sun Stealers the world is totally new and I’ll HAVE to explain every facet so I’m looking at it as a good learning story.  What’s that saying? When you stop learning you start dying??

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