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23 May


Askooky LIVES! This was our first live appearance at Planet Queer. SO much fun!dragon3 Everyone GASPED when we came out! It was just a little cameo, nothing major, but so sweet to hear that reaction when we worked so hard on this show! Dan is awesome to work with!!!! I think I can finally do the show without dying from exhaustion!  It’s been hard but fun. It’s crunch time so I have to stop complaining and worrying and just do it!

First Elders is going well it’s in that weird half blocked no one knows their lines stage….I think it’ll be great. That sounded more worried than I am 🙂  This might be the first time someone has directed a piece of mine I have nothing else to do with…I try to shut up during rehearsals but it’s hard so I just leave…. The cast is really nice and seem to be funny. I have faith (he said to remind himself to have faith:)

David LeBarron
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