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2 May

Same Old Same Good

Just one of these days I’d like to post something like “nothing really going on just enjoying hiking and living in the now…”  HAHA HA Like that’s EVER going to happen! I updated a friend last night on what I’m working on and he just started laughing. Not a yea good for you laugh more a are you insane laugh or maybe I’m projecting….? It’s so my status quo to be over booked and creating art at a lightning speed bit with these new projects I’m trying to slow down. Craft more. Take moments upon moments. It’s a tad nerve wracking but the work is solid. I will let others decide if it’s good or great or whathaveyou.  I just need to stay proud of what I do. So far so good. It’s odd how difficult that can be. 

Fringe is progressing nicely.  Chris did the Magickal Monsters layout for Rebecca Norris’ art work (See below) I almost couldn’t walk after a 3.5 hour dance rehearsal BUT Shadowhorn is kind of a dream role. It’s like I’m in Apocalypse Now or Rambo 🙂 I hope it all reads well. I think it’s a pretty well-rounded show and a lot of fun! We are casting First Elders.  Honestly? I thought casting would be easier.  I know so many older queens. We shall make it happen.

The Coriander scrolls are AMAZING! The second one will be even better. Half way through the story I realized I had to change the name. SPOILER: I called it Coriander and the Warrior Ghost but then as I wrote you didn’t realize it was a ghost till half way through. (originally you saw the ghost on page 1) SO I changed the name to Coriander Orders of Blood. Cool huh?

Equinox is almost done! YEA!!!! BOOOOO!! YEA!!!! BOOOO!!!!!

Queerwise videos were fun i wanna do more! (but when I have time…in 18 million years??)

OH and I’m writing a small two-person musical for NEXT year Fringe. Nerd Anarchy! More to come on that crazy idea!!!!

Yup same ole’ David. Happy to be me 🙂





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