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David LeBarron / wicca please
2 May

Same Old Same Good

Just one of these days I’d like to post something like “nothing really going on just enjoying hiking and living in the now…”  HAHA HA Like that’s EVER going to happen! I updated a friend last night on what I’m working on and he just started laughing. Not a yea good for you laugh more a are you insane laugh or maybe I’m projecting….? It’s so my status quo to be over booked and creating art at a lightning speed bit with these new projects I’m trying to slow down. Craft more. Take moments upon moments. It’s a tad nerve wracking but the work is solid. I will let others decide if it’s good or great or whathaveyou.  I just need to stay proud of what I do. So far so good. It’s odd how difficult that can be. 

19 Sep

“Been busy,” says the bad boy!

I’ve been a bad boy. And yet, like most bad boys I cry, “IT’S NOT MY FAULT.” But it is. I have been so busy I have not updated my blog in forever! Which is a shame because I love going back over my blog and remembering all the things and processes and ideas that shaped the years past.  Instead of apologizing let me update:EQUINOX is very live. I just released page 24! Check it out. I LOVE it! (I got thrown a loop when my letterer had a kid and oddly couldn’t finish the project J I had to re-hire someone with time on their hands and not an infant. I have a new guy: Keith who is great!)WICCA...
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17 Mar

Concepts and finishing lines

Been busy. I started this blog to help people keep track of things I'm doing and I can't even keep up. ha ha. I haven't been writing a whole lot just designing and planning like crazy. Well that's not entirely true. I wrote a cool short I think I'm shooting late Spring. It's called Medea in Exile. I think this might just be the last Greek thing I do for a while (meaning a year or so :). I FINALLY developed an art concept for Sassy Scarf so now I get to format, budget and hire an artist. It seems a LGBT (an LGBT??) artist would get the story better but not necessarily. I might just be being overly protective,...
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1 Feb

still shooting. 3 down………

Man I am tired! We have shot episodes 2,3,4 of Wicca Please and this Monday, we shoot half of episode 1 and then have to find a location for the last part. (Got a safehouse or hotel room anyone:) SO far the footage looks awesome thanks to an amazing cast and crew all of whom will get thanked endlessly! SO far we've interrogated a vampire, caught a satyr and ran from the undead. Pictures are coming soon!...
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