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David LeBarron / Equinox
19 Sep

“Been busy,” says the bad boy!

I’ve been a bad boy. And yet, like most bad boys I cry, “IT’S NOT MY FAULT.” But it is. I have been so busy I have not updated my blog in forever! Which is a shame because I love going back over my blog and remembering all the things and processes and ideas that shaped the years past.  Instead of apologizing let me update:EQUINOX is very live. I just released page 24! Check it out. I LOVE it! (I got thrown a loop when my letterer had a kid and oddly couldn’t finish the project J I had to re-hire someone with time on their hands and not an infant. I have a new guy: Keith who is great!)WICCA...
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17 Mar

Concepts and finishing lines

Been busy. I started this blog to help people keep track of things I'm doing and I can't even keep up. ha ha. I haven't been writing a whole lot just designing and planning like crazy. Well that's not entirely true. I wrote a cool short I think I'm shooting late Spring. It's called Medea in Exile. I think this might just be the last Greek thing I do for a while (meaning a year or so :). I FINALLY developed an art concept for Sassy Scarf so now I get to format, budget and hire an artist. It seems a LGBT (an LGBT??) artist would get the story better but not necessarily. I might just be being overly protective,...
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21 Aug

Still Graphic-ing

Thought you might like to check out a couple of pages for Equinox the graphic novel that's taking FOREVER to finish :) Here we have Scorn praying for vengeance (by the lovely Shanna Beauchamp) and Grace trying not to mourn ( by the also lovely Angie Light)! This project has been so much harder than I thought it would be. BUT phase 1 is almost done and I think the other 3 phases won't take me 2 years to complete:) I'll post some of Demeter and Hades soon!...
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