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4 Dec

Even more web-ier consumption

Yes I’m all about consumption…but not in a La Traviata way, more in a throw it out to the universe kind of way. Get this work out there and let it be eaten by the masses. Let go of controlling, monetizing, and marketing and simply allow it t be. So in that spirit, I am putting When Carrots Ruled the World as a webcomic on my other storytelling site. So anyone can look at it and enjoy. They can also buy a copy if they so choose. Hey I’m still trying to sell copies darn it!
AND I will be putting EQUINOX out as a webcomic this spring! YUP! You heard it here first. (then again where else would you hear it?) It’ll have it’s own site but obviously linked here too. I have been so off put by costs and book design. Now I can just focus on making/finishing 70 awesome jpgs and we can all enjoy it! So inspired. So scared to make the commitment (to be honest). But I feel this is the way so I’m doin’ it. (btw the the pic is the background for Hade’s temple with a doll to show scale..I promise Hades is much hotter!!!)

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