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10 Nov

Genuis! (did I spell that write?)

Re-writes are a slow tedious business. Even when inspired it’s painstaking. A little finagle in the prologue and all this other stuff has to change. Not like a ripple. Not some lovely pastural lake and shit. No pain in the ass anal-retentive snail paced editing. Each beat each phrase each assumption has to be looked at again. Truths become lies and facts that held a scene together look obvious and gimmicky. Don’t get me wrong I love a good gimmick but it shouldn’t do the can-can in act 2! “look at me bitches I’m a gimmick!” Please. So I’ve decided to have a sense of humor about it. Ha ha bloody ha ha. The Achilles re-write is done. Could all the Ancient Greek Pantheon now leave me alone and Homer go screw yourself. And yes, it’s a really good read. Super proud. Hip hip and all that jazz. I’m not sure if i cried because it was so powerful, or just relieved it’s over and it will stop talking to me, or because I’m pretty sure there’ll be notes from someone on something and I get to do it again! yea for me……….

David LeBarron
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