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17 Mar

Concepts and finishing lines

SassySample4Been busy. I started this blog to help people keep track of things I’m doing and I can’t even keep up. ha ha. I haven’t been writing a whole lot just designing and planning like crazy. Well that’s not entirely true. I wrote a cool short I think I’m shooting late Spring. It’s called Medea in Exile. I think this might just be the last Greek thing I do for a while (meaning a year or so :). I FINALLY developed an art concept for Sassy Scarf so now I get to format, budget and hire an artist. It seems a LGBT (an LGBT??) artist would get the story better but not necessarily. I might just be being overly protective, of my amazing tale, after that editor (straight guy) told me the didn’t get the story..”why would a kid play with a scarf…” Umm that’s exactly the point. Errrggg.

ALSO Equinox goes LIVE very soon! The pages look awesome! (and please say that in a falsetto voice.) AND Wicca Please is out and rolling. It never occurred to me how freakin fun it would be to write short stories with those characters but it’s so crazy. Having a blast. We’ll see if I garner a fan base. Who knows?? I just wrote Demilla’s nightmare. Fun! Oh and booked a big storytelling gig! I am playing the WeHo Library on June 5th at 3:30 if yer around 🙂 And I’m doing 2 new-ish pieces for a May-Day art thing. Oh and a few new story ideas and a re-outline of the Shakespeare thing I will prob never finish 🙂

Why oh why do I constantly work on things I know I’m never going to actually do? Or never finish. Or never even look at again until I do then I do. That’s the writer’s loose nut. Sometimes you just write. Even if it’s not terribly good or award wining prose, it’s gotta get it out so you slam it on paper. Sometimes uglily some times with flair..flare ha ha but there you go. You write it because it’s who you are. Clicking keys or scribbling defines you on some basic level like eating. No really. It’s like eating. It doesn’t occur to me to not do it except when it does because I’m ignoring important crap then I make myself go on a writing diet and it sucks. This is when I stop blogging because I’m sounding insane. OH and there’s movement on my funny horror script Caldron. Cross fingers and toes!!!!

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