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4 Apr

Desert with agenda

imagesYes it’s true: I’ve run back to my little desert cabin again! But this time it’s more for joy and less escape. No really. I just like being silent. Not that I’m not working. Come on I am me! I finished a short and outline and came up with a new twist to an old story. I wrote a western outline a while back. (Prob because my infatuation with the desert more than westerns.) But it never really gelled. Then there I was, out in the sun, thinking about magick. And I thought “How come whenever anyone writes about desert magick they always go so Native American? What about desert faeries?” So I got thinking and quickly came up with an alternative Wild West with witches and demons and fantasy and a rail road! And it all clicked into place! I was like “OOOHHH that’s the theme..stooopid” I think, yes think, it’s going to be my new illustrated novel or graphic novel type of thingy after I finish Equinox! (btw Equinox should be out any day now. We had a web-meltdown errgg) The outline is done. The magick is explored. Now I have to write the rascal. So I guess I’m now out here less for escape and more for research. 🙂 There are worse places to research…like in a library yuk!

David LeBarron
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