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22 Feb

Ok 2016 let’s talk…..

mePVBack from PV! What a great vacation! I did absolutely nothing.. except jones to write. Which is kind of why I went but not really. I just need to go and be somewhere…no in hindsight, I needed to know that soon, in a few months, I would be elsewhere. I remember once in group someone said how he needed gold stars on the calendar, events or trips in the future to get him through some of the dreariness. I guess that’s what I needed. It worked. HAPPY FULL MOON btw. Trying to figure out what I am doing in 2016. The list is too long. Nerd Anarchy re-boot. Coriander continuing. Propensity revisited. Chris and my H-wood show. Finished 3 Numbers now what? Almost done with Mo-mo now what? Wanna perform more. Wanna take a class. Producing WeHo. Trying to keep this updated. New diet and eating regiment. And of course the whole buying piece of the desert drama! UHg no wonder I needed some time off! Basically I’m me. I have too many ideas about too many things. Most people struggle with having time or energy to write or create my struggle is WHAt to work on? I guess I should feel blessed. I do. I just sometimes wish I knew where to focus my over active brain machine! One step, one day, one paragraph and see what takes hold…..

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