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14 Mar

taglines urg evil yet necessary (like whiskey)

TaglinesI think I’ve come to loathe taglines. You spend a ridiculous amount of time writing something, anything, draft after draft and then…. it’s all done! Phew! I did it! Now could you please condense all your effort into a sentence. Thanks. And btw that might be all anyone EVER reads. EVER! I get it. I can’t read everything I See. A tagline or very brief synopsis let’s me decide if I give it a go. (like a cool t shirt) But writing them after you finished your own script is so painful! I have done the exercises too. When you write the tagline first. Or the pitch before it’s done, It helps focus the work. “It’s about….” helps make you see what the hell it’s about. Duh. Get it. BUT somewhere between “knowing what you’re writing about” and the “final-ish draft,” the play tends to write itself. Ya know. It becomes what it has to become. It tells you what to do. If the characters don’t suck they have logical conclusions. When “the end” is written it may be very different than the sentence you started with. Even if it is the same exact story, which is ok, you still have to write a grabbing exciting enticing enriching, ok maybe not enriching, tagline. Which sucks. I find it reductive and patronizing! UHG!!!Ok sorry I had to get that out. I have a deadline and need a tagline. Now I can stop whining and do it. OH btw my tagline so far is: After 22 years of his mom in hospice, Lonn, a 90s NYC drag queen, can only find escape lip-synching for his life and flirting with a hot retired UPS guy. (That sucks in case you’re wondering.)

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