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12 Dec

No please not another project David!

Yes. Should I apologize? Me thinkest not! I’ve been terribly busy organizing Wicca, please. We’re shooting in January. Oh boy that is soooooon! Got most of the cast and some directors lined up. I think it’s gunna be superlatively awesome! BUT new project on the horizon: Blood Wedding. Yes I am re-writing Lorca’s genius play as a contemporary bi-lingual novella. How dare I? Indeed! But hopefully the master has a sense of humor because if this turns out even half as funny as it is in my head (and outline) audiences will line up around the block or at least through the basement of the Mexican Restaurant I hope to play at this spring! Wish me luck and bless me with the funny gods! (oh and the pic is from the dance movie of Blood Wedding I HATED but everyone else loves…)

David LeBarron
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