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30 Apr

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So I FINALLY made my rune set! In typical me fashion, I tried for years to learn them and even though they certainly resonated with me…just didn’t click. About  a year ago I sat down and worked real hard. I sort of made a story out of them. This of course helped me intensely. Not hat I’d read linearly But it made sense to how I see the world, through story through drama. Remember that story of the year I was working on a while back? Well the runes fit in perfectly with it. Like astonishingly perfect. WOW! What a kicker. How this manifests into a play is still not completely clear. Also I might be censoring myself because it always felt like a comedy and now it isn’t…which pisses me off. It’s such an intense tale I feel like doing it all serious will be fucking dirge or pain! And preachy as fuck. BUT maybe not..we shall see I guess.  As always I’ll have to write it and see what happens. I see staff work and puppets DUH! Oh yea and chiffon! Double Duh! Also I keep trying to make it have only 4 characters…. that’s problematic in such a big story. UGH I have to stop trying to make it what I want it to be and listen to what it is!!!  Life during a Pandemic is weird. I thought I’d write more? But still doing cool shit like learning runes!! OH SHIT! I have to put this here so I remember it! Essa from Folly’s War visited me in a dream and yelled at me for not finishing her story! SERIOUSLY! Then I daydreamed about the dream and she was there again all pissy and angry that I had conjured her but not taken her thorough her journey! Like summoning a demon and not asking it for anything or using that energy at all. So in the interest of being an ethical sorcerer (lol) I have brainstormed the ending… including book 2 which I thought was sort of lame but NOW? DANG! The fall of Bourgonne! Duchess of Revin is fierce! I also think I was stalling because the next chapter breaks my heart. It’s hard to write about abuse. ALSO the fab Dr. Karen Tate has accepted my short-500-word essay about the neglect of abuse into her anthology. Damn that stirred some shit up! LOL Maybe I needed to do that to do the next chapter? We shall see. It’s all a story right? Old runes informing a new play? Old scars breathing life into new characters. Round and round, the year spins and we hang on clinging to the fact one day we wont and that makes it so important to spin faster, harder and passionately,

David LeBarron
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