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4 Apr

Fruit. Paint. Art.

OK I know that sounds a bit like Eat Pray Love but it’s better-er-er. I’m pretty darn close to finishing When Carrots Ruled the World. It’ short poem-ish thing I wrote for absolutely no reason whatsoever. It just kind of amused me. BUT everyone who has read it loves it so I figured “ok let’s make into a book.” Then I knew I had to hire an artist. Even a cheap artist is pricey so I was wondering how I could cut corners and then it came to me: remember when you were a kid and you cut shapes into potatoes and then dipped them into ink and made wood-block-like art? Well why not do that with carrots and let that be the art!

So I went to the farmer’s Market this morning and have been brushing paint on produce all day. Now to scan and whatnot… BUT I have to say this has been so much fun! I was nervous and kept putting it off because I so doubt my art skills but then I was like “Dude you’re dipping fruit into paint and then pushing it on paper a chimp could do this!” and so I just did it. I think the final product is going to be amazing. At the very least it’ll be cute. My goal is to have an e-book by May 1st.

ps working with paint ALL DAY has mad me a bit manic. I’m sort of rambl-y 🙂

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