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26 Apr

2 new plays stirring in the brain

So on top of my ridiculous current commitments I have 2 new plays stirring in my brain. I need to set them aside til I finish my immediate obligations. They’re both dark and exciting. I figure if i mention them here I’ll have to get back to them! Both are pretty dance heavy. What’s with that? And in a way, they are both fairy tales. Archetypes and stereotypes dancing, fighting and trying to reconcile demons they have bought into, or possibly have been convinced of their existence and power. ummm…should I go back to therapy? What the heck am I working thru now 🙂 Don’t fret I’m on top of it. A lot of my “stuff” is premiering next month or so. It’s very exciting over in David-land. Stay tuned.

David LeBarron
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