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8 Apr

1 then 2 then 5 now 3

The journey of Achilles has been fun awesome and crazy. It all started a few years ago when I knew I wanted to tell my own version of Achilles loosely based on the Iliad. That was kind of intimidating as everyone knows I am SOSOSSOSO not an academic. I wrestled a bit and then pu tit to bed. Then last summer while researching my new play Faerie Love Lost I, of ocurse, came upon all my myths again. It forced me to re-open Achilles. I went nuts. I started to write a one man show. Then I thought “I want a partner. I know the fabulous Shanna will dance behind and with me!” This version was retold from the perspective of Achille’s last lover the forgotten Briseis. It made me cry. I kept writing and the script grew. Until I had a linear play with 5 characters: me the narrator, Thetis, Briseis, Achilles, and Patroclus. Then I get into the festival yada yada yada…I sort of ofrgot the old themes and was set on this narrative. And then while trying to cast I cannot find an Achilles. I find a couple of Patroclus but Achilles demi-god? No one really grasps it. While pouting, yes I pout, I think, “I’m never going to find the right Achilles or exact Patroclus they’re Gods and they’re dead.” AND DUH!!!!! I remember the original version. A story of mourning a soldier. A hero. And what’s left behind if heartbreak. Nose to the grind stone later: The Sex Life of Achilles. A 3 person play consisting of: Thetis, his mother; Briseis, his wife; and Acheanus, his slave. All of whom are left alone after the deaths of Patroclus and Achilles and spend the last 3,0000 years re-living his memory. What an incredible writing journey this has been.

David LeBarron
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