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9 Apr

Highway to decadence

Highways Space in Santa Monica has asked me to be a part of their anniversary party/performance on May 20-21st. My first reaction was cool. Then: no way as Achilles will be 2 weeks out. Then I thought: well yea! cross promotion. Then: I cannot possibly write a whole piece in the throws of rehearsal. BUT last night I got an awesome idea. (Thanks to Beto.) Their theme is sort of sexy slutty carnival. So I have this image of me doing a little twisted Fosse-Cabaret thing, complete with fishnest and a suit, and doing 5 short monos as people walk or pref stand by. I think it’s called 5 dancers. I love reinventing and revisiting. I think Candy the Cuntess of Cock will be there! Along with Andrew Dandy, Billy Budd, and Shitty Claudette (which I wrote last night). Hmmm who will be there 5th????????

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