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27 Jan

We Won!

Wow Maui Fringe was AWESOME! I cannot actually express in words how great the whole trip was! 2017 was so hard and the turn around to 218, being sick as a dog and then rehearsing (sorry Rebecca for sweating all over you) and then going to Maui was tough. I am counting Imbolc as my real New Years. Hence reorganizing my life. I have plans! It was so great being an actor again ( I say this a lot). Finding ways to do more! Shanna and I are planning on having a semi-private fight class. YAY! Charming Vessels to where to pitch The Third! I am in motion. Really setting out my monologue book! Also: I want to re-commit to fiction 1,000 words a week. (Ok I’ll probably start with porn do sue me) Book of Prayers or new adventures or romance novel thingy that I cannot believe I am thinking about??? Let me just encapsulate all of this: I met Pele. I am changed. Exhilarated and excited about what i can create.
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