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22 Dec

too too, revisited

Aren’t these banners for The Sex Life of Achilles AMAZING? Rebecca Graul really out did herself. The show is lovely. I am thrilled. It’s visually stunning and the new Thetis arc is clear and, can I use lovely again? It’s lovely! I think Maui Fringe is going to be a blast. We’re all paid for and almost ready for our preview on Jan 9th! We’re even joking about where to take it next. Speaking of which i think I’m not doing Brighton. I think that 2k could be better served doing the show in USA and getting better reviews or the like. Started working on Faery Night again for fun. I changed it to them being older. I grow so sick of all romance novels being about ripped 22 year olds or coming of age/out teens.

I don’t feel pervy or creepy, it’s just not what really gets me, ya know. I am also struggling AGAIN with how adult to make it. I feel like I’m always shying away because I don’t really want to write porn but then again, am I’m just not writing what I should? I have no problem with porn, duh, but to be honest most of it I don’t enjoy reading because…oh my goodness gracious, ha, I’m such a prude but it lacks magick. It’s all just huge cock, thrust into gapping hole… Look I don’t need violins and rose petals but, I don’t know, a plot would be nice? I wrote a few years ago on Facebook that I was too too. ya know, too weird for this too narrative for stand up to scripted for improv, too queer for mainstream, too old for queer…. And here I am still worried.. about what? That I’ll become a pornographer and never work with kids again? Is that really going to happen over a single sex scene in a short story, David? Your plays are much more graphic than that! I am not a worried-what-people-will think of me kind of guy, typically. It’s more what I think of me. The kind of work I want to sign my name to! I guess, again as artists, we stop our voices or correct what needs not be corrected. I have to stop this too too-ing! That feeling offers me nothing. it goes no where interesting or sincere. That information is misinformation.
I will no longer be too too! I will simply be and let others trade off tutus! I think as an exercise I am going to finish Greenman and Ares and A Faery Wonderful Night and be as explicit or not as I see fit. If I write about thrusting gaping things then so be it and if I word it all poetic then so be it. Challenge accepted!

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