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19 Jun

Look Ma no hands!

Got new headshots!I don’t actually love my beard this long but was told to”go for it” so I did. What do ya think?  Ok I trimmed it back down RIGHT after the shoot. Still got it but it’s less crazy-wild-man and more…dude with beard? Acting class at the Lab is fun. Zoom is weird and it gets a bit tiring, like staring in people’s faces for 3 hours, but what are you gonna do? 2020 is so surreal..I was wondering if I could have finished Witch Wheel Rune if it hadn’t been for this? All this angst and trying to see hope in it. Well the protests have certainly led me to hope. I mean actual change. We can only be ignored for so long…. I wonder what art will come out of this for others? I put a bunch of Mom monologues together. Sort of a one act maybe called Mommy MA and Mom? I don’t know. They range from classic to crazy! Of course that means I’ll have to finish my mono about My Mom is a thief and a liar! It’s funny but lack structure..mmmm maybe I’ll improv on it? Look to be singing more! HTT was on such a roll. Dan and I are trying to write new stuff but his schedule is full with all the craziness of the world. I just keep a writing and acting! Last note: I am revisiting Drink Fek Fight as a webseries but with many cast and not so linear, just need to think of shooting locations….. work brain!  (by the way I have NO idea why I picked that title for this post??????)

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